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A Software project has no end. The unfortunate truth about many web design companies is that they focused on the product launch stage. Companies give priority to new products and features or they try to expand the same launch activities further. But the success of the product doesn’t exclusively depend upon the launch strategy and its activities in the market. What is equally important is the post-launch support and care to keep your site functional and feasible.

A basic component of success is the thing that happens thereafter and how your clients see and experience the product offering. Unfortunately, post-launch support and care often fall between the cracks, not only on the customer’s part, yet in addition to many web shops’ parts, too. That’s why many web designing companies prefer post-launch support and maintain relationships with their web development clients.


After a successful product launch, the real question is “are we done?


No, Building a Digital Project, our ideal scenario is post-launch support. This is one of the things which helps us to stand out among competitors. Designing and Development are the initial part or I must say it is a beginning because these stages are measurable as far as time and cost, they may seem to convey the most weight. But the next or an ongoing stage that grows our reputation is the open-ended stage of post-launch support and care.

Codepaper always looking for long-term clients or partners because we want to be there for the entire ride. We push this hard in light of the fact that the choice to post-launch services as a deliverable, is an impromptu methodology, best-case scenario, where the customer doesn’t know what they’re getting and you don’t have a clue what they’re expecting. Our team works on every project as their own, and they know about the product inside and out.

Continuous Development By People Who Know Your Product

Codepaper’s Post-launch care and support cover everything digital product needs. Your project is in the codepaper’s hand who knows the reason behind every line of code and comprehends the definitive reason for your business. As opposed to upkeep, we consider it continuous development since it’s far beyond thoughtlessly fixing bugs. A digital Project requires improvement from all aspects like UX by learning feedbacks, updates, and many more.

Keeping Developers Onboard Is Priority No.1

60% of the post-launch stage relies primarily on developers’ work because the developers who built products and know it better than anyone and can fix each bug easily.

Codepaper follow strict coding shows and adhere to specific principles that make our code as understandable as could reasonably be expected. In any case, if another developer comes in, he/she despite everything should be onboarded with respect to how the application functions, how the backend and design are organized, and so on. When the developer has fixed what was required, you may have lost clients and spoiled your notoriety.

For the most part, dissolving a team with plans of welcoming it back, later on, is hazardous. From long stretches of understanding, we’ve perceived that it is so hard to develop and enact a self-sufficient team after a window of zero designing consideration. The outcome is quite often always wasted time and resources—precisely what you may have been planning to spare by taking everybody off the project.


The importance of the post-launch deliverable service is in its different advantages. A normal Application lose 77% of active users within three days of its installation.

The key is to know that your item ought to consistently be improving. Learn from your triumph and your failures, and you’ll make something that will withstand the trial of time. Choose a long term partnership with Codepaper, our post-launch support encompasses all of the following:

  • A dedicated, readily available team persistently promoting the product forward
  • A proactive way to deal with bug fixing
  • Meeting and standups that keep all partners informed
  • Continuous development
  • Collect feedback in the form of questionnaires and reviews.


If you are ready with the following points, then you are ready to serve your clients even better.

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Vishal Patel

Vishal Patel

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