Advantages of Flutter: why you should try flutter for your next project

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Are you still wondering why everyone is talking about flutter? What are Flutter’s advantages? And why should you use flutter for the next project? Regardless of whether you are a startup founder, a CTO, or a developer, this blog is especially for you. 

We will answer all your questions about what flutter is, its advantages, and why it’s the best cross-platform. You’ll learn about Flutter’s benefits compared to other cross-platform solutions available and the role of these advantages in both development and business processes.

Inside and out, you’ll get a perspective on why Flutter is the most wanted framework by businesses or developers. Here, in this blog, we will disclose to you in detail about Flutter application development, its benefits. But first, we should understand what Flutter is.

advantages of flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the cross-platform from Google for developing iOS and Android apps. It is a UI toolkit intended for building elegant and native applications from a single codebase for Desktop (macOS, Chromebook, Windows, and Linux), Mobile (Android and iOS), and Web. Flutter is open-source and completely free. Besides, if something in the application looked erroneous, it could imply that designers didn’t fit the UI to all possible screen sizes. Contemplate it that every one of those devices with their various diagonals is running on different stages. 

Flutter solves all the possible problems generated in mobile app development. It also provides the possibility to make cross-platform applications with no extra effort. 

We are here to share our experience in mobile app development with you so that you make the most benefit of the innovation. In this blog, I feature my considerations on what benefits Flutter will cause to rule the cross-stage application development in the forthcoming years.

It is possible if we say that flutter is developer-friendly programming. Despite the fact that mobile application development with Flutter application development looks simple and dependable, as of now, it thinks of various advantages 


To learn more on Flutter visit the Flutter official site


Benefits of Flutter


Increased Time-to-Market Speed

The biggest advantage of flutter app development takes two times fewer hours compared to separate app development for android and iOS. The reason is the apps are developed with a single code base, therefore, no need to write code separately to run applications on iOS and android. 

Besides that, Flutter gives an explanatory API to the building UI, which boosts the performance. This is most clear with regard to visual changes. This leads to faster app development and fulfills shorter time-to-market.  


Faster Code Writing

Generally, android and iOS developers write, wait for it to compile, and be loaded on the device before seeing changes. According to us and our experience, the Android app takes almost 40seconds to get sent onto the test device. Also, in some cases, it can always take to change a little visual viewpoint in the design.

All the components of the flutter allow for faster app development. Flutter’s hot reload feature allows you to see the applied changes instantly and give a native base performance for the app. It also allows you to use a single code multiple times on multiple platforms. It saves time and effort in coding and helps developers to troubleshoot, update features, and more in real-time.


Own Rendering Engine

Clearly, Flutter requires a lovely awesome UI. Clearly, Flutter requires a lovely awesome UI. The issue with much cross-platform development is that they seem to be identical on iPhone and Android. For such organizations, Flutter is the most suitable solution. 

Because of the engine, the UI built in Flutter can be launched on virtually any platform. Putting it differently, you no longer have to adjust the UI to transfer it to a platform, which simplifies the development process hugely. It is equipped with packages that contain a set of custom widgets for both operating systems.


Similar to Native App Performance

Skia is the internal graphic engine of the flutter software. Application execution is critical for acceptable UX. While it’s difficult to tell the specific figures, it’s protected to say that Flutter application development will be undefined from native applications.

Since Flutter doesn’t depend on any transitional code representations or interpretation. Furthermore, the Flutter development team can work consistently on both iOS and Android. With custom UI plans, it is a phenomenal decision for mobile applications.


Simple Platform-Specific Logic Implementation

Flutter provides advanced OS features like sensor data collection, permission management, Bluetooth, GPS, and more features that are available through ready-to-use plugins, supported by Google. 

If in case your application is dependent on OS-level features not available as a ready-to-use plugin, flutter provides an easy way to establish communication between Dart and native code utilizing stage channels. This way You can implement whatever native app can do on a flutter app.


Do you know it is very easy and secure to integrate a payment gateway into Flutter. It can be easily done just in a few steps. Check how to integrate Stripe Payment Gateway into Flutter. 


Why should you try to Flutter?

Still not sure flutter is the correct way or not, we should momentarily go through the most remarkable benefits of Flutter:

  1. Highly expressive UI
  2. An open-source project
  3. Native performance
  4. Less code development
  5. Suitable for any platform like app or web
  6. Single code for front and back end
  7. Reduce time-to-market

Indeed, most huge organizations, develop a small part of their existing application in Flutter. Subsequent to seeing the advantages of Flutter, they start replacing other parts.


Is flutter a good solution from the business perspective?

Yes, Yes and Yes….

If you are looking to develop an application, flutter is an excellent option. It is easy to use, develops cross-platform applications, and less coding required in a flutter. The framework is really flexible as all of its parts are optional and replaceable. It allows developers to use the out-of-the-box sets of Material Design (for Android) and Cupertino (for iOS) widgets as well as write custom ones with Dart.

From point of view, Flutter brings low risk for your business:

  1. No issues with app development are probably going to happen since Google is making Fuchsia OS, which works with Flutter fine and dandy 
  2. Utilizing Flutter will not reason you inconvenience discovering engineers on the grounds that there are now such countless fans among Android developers locally (check criticism here and here) 
  3. The worldwide organizations utilizing Flutter continue to reach out with so many agents as Alibaba, Google Ads, AppTree, Reflect, and My Leaf, which is the confirmation of Flutter’s positive quality.
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