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Case Studies


Fleet Management System

I am Smart Fleet Management Software for Bi Production Works developed in PHP Laravel. I am one solution for all fleet management, Tracking every detail about your vehicle and equipment, Automate maintenance triggers, handle service and resolve issues, Integration flexibility and smartcode Invoicing and reports.


Online driving Center

I am the next-generation complete online driving school platform for instructors and students. I am a one-stop solution for students looking to get the driving classes and book road tests from the Drivisa mobile app. Instructors can use the app to accept new students every day in their area based on their convenient time, and everything from the same app.



I am Franchise Management System for Pitalite Shawarma Chain. I can smartly do Inventory Management, Ordering, Detailed Reporting for Admin, Expense Management, Invoicing and much more.



Robin United is powerful sports betting consultancy app for both iOS and Android users. This betting consultancy app has a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate interface with best website design development.


Finance and banking

FairFigure is a financial platform that offers business credit solutions, funding options, and the FairFigure Business Capital Card. It helps businesses establish profiles, monitor credit, and access same-day capital for growth.

Technology Stack: PHP Laravel



I am human-friendly academic software made with CODE-SMART by Codepaper. Online marketplace for college application support where mentees can connect with mentors easily. Codepaper is Best Software Development Company.

Building Buddy

e-commerce Platform

I am a builder-friendly eCommerce app that delivers construction materials directly to job sites in no time. I am a revolution in the construction industry that allows users to register, buy a membership to get exclusive offers, and browse and track construction products. Builders can save time and money by planning, sourcing, and delivering building supplies with the Building buddy app.


Sign Tracking Software

I’m SignTracker – the fastest way to generate geolocated and time-stamped TAS reports. My app automates the tedious process of creating and updating TAS records, allowing contractors and subcontractors to access project details, procedures, conditions, and drawings in real-time. With SignTracker, you can streamline your workflow and save time.


Inventory Management Software

I am a custom inventory management software called BI Inventory. My main purpose is to help businesses manage their warehouse activities seamlessly. With my user-friendly interface, users can easily manage their sales, purchases, supplier information, stock maintenance, material status, invoices, bills, and online payments. My intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate and manage their inventory effectively.


Fleet Management Software

Baseline is a powerful fleet management software solution that helps organizations with the effective tracking of vehicles and maintenance activities. With its user-friendly interface, it simplifies the management of a fleet and provides complete visibility of vehicle and driver activities, enabling better decision-making.



ASK MIKU is a Slack AI bot that provides a conversational interface to help professionals solve problems, answer questions and create content. It integrates seamlessly with Slack, making it easy for users to communicate with the bot and get quick responses. ASK MIKU is a software solution developed by a team of experts that offers a variety of features.

Eros Marketing


I am Eros Marketing, a powerful platform developed on PHP Laravel. I serve as a bridge between influencers and brand agencies, allowing influencers to join and providing brand agencies with the opportunity to connect with influencers based on their followers. With my user-friendly interface and advanced features, I facilitate seamless collaborations, enabling brand agencies to approach influencers, manage payments based on followers, and harness the potential of influencer marketing. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Eros Marketing, the ultimate solution for connecting influencers and brands.

Adion Solar

Integrated Solar Energy Products and Services

Adion Solar offers a comprehensive range of solar energy solutions through an integrated platform that includes an online shop and a main website. The online shop features high-quality solar products such as inverters, solar panels, and batteries, available for direct purchase. The main website provides detailed information about Adion Solar’s vision, technology, commercial installation services, and various financing options.