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Boosting Rental Equipments ROI With a Integrated Web and Mobile Solution

Equipment Rental Company

Faster product release with a cost-effective on-time delivery

Industry: Logistics, Equipment Rental 

Location: USA 

Client since: 2018

  • AWS
  • Created end-to-end product roadmap and delivered a stable platform for their entire asset management. 
  • 40% Increase in productivity with the help of a Business intelligence system 
  • Increase in asset visibility and transparency 

Product Description

B.I. Production Works is a full-service equipment manufacturing and leasing company serving the film industry throughout the U.S. They have provided equipment for all types of Film and TV productions, including streaming services, network television, and major motion picture studios. They offer a wide variety of industry-leading production vehicles—all delivered with unparalleled personalized service. In addition, they have expanded their supply of buses, vans, and SUVs to better serve their clients’ needs.


Reduction in Operation cost


Data Driven Decisions


Months Timeline


Our customer came to us with an idea for a new approach to selling. He wanted to develop customized software where he could track vehicle location, maintenance, and billing section in a single platform and the main challenge was to solve the vehicle availability and utilization to maximize ROI. To reach this goal, our team needed to integrate the platform with the software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via specialized software.


The world is changing rapidly and all business goals and tasks are becoming smarter and more complicated every minute, so special software must be created to help solve and facilitate business processes. Instead of having different systems for different vehicles’ purposes. We designed and built a fleet management solution to help the company optimize its vehicle performance. The provided solution allows the company to see where each vehicle is when it will arrive, how much fuel is left, and many other parameters. It also makes the planning of vehicle arrangements and orders much easier.


The result of the fruitful work of the team was the innovative Custom Software development that allows optimizing all the operations via real-time fleet management. The client got an easy-to-use mobile application that can be safely accessed from any device from everywhere all over the globe. Using this custom software and app, users can view the assignments, issues, service reminders, Contact details, Rental, Service and Recurring invoices, Inventory, Reports, and a set of additional useful tools.

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