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Efficiently manage warehouse
activities with ease

Inventory Management Software

Faster product release with a cost-effective on-time delivery

Industry: Field Inventory Management

Location: USA 

Client since: 2021

  • PHP 
  • VUE.JS
  • AWS
  • Created end-to-end product roadmap and delivered a stable platform for their entire asset management. 
  • 40% Increase in productivity with the help of a Business intelligence system 
  • Increase in asset visibility and transparency 

Product Description

BI Inventory is a custom inventory management software designed by Codepaper that helps businesses manage their warehouse activities with ease. The software allows users to manage sales, purchases, supplier information, stock maintenance, material status, invoices, bills, and online payments. It is an intuitive software that is user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their inventory effectively.


Improvement in Inventory Management Efficiency


Data Transparency

6 Months

Development Timeline


Developing BI Inventory presented some challenges for Codepaper and its team. One of the major challenges was to create software that could handle large amounts of data without slowing down or crashing. The software also needed to be scalable to accommodate future growth and be able to integrate with other software and systems.


Codepaper and its team were able to overcome these challenges by creating robust software that could handle large amounts of data and remain stable. They also ensured that the software was scalable by using modern development tools and techniques. Integration with other software and systems was achieved by developing APIs that could communicate with other systems and software.


The result was a highly effective and efficient inventory management software that allowed them to manage inventory with ease and improve their overall efficiency. The advanced development techniques employed by the team ensured that the software was reliable, scalable, and future-proof. The BI Inventory software is looking to manage its inventory effectively, and it helped to solidify Codepaper’s reputation for delivering high-quality software solutions.

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