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Simplifying inventory, ordering, and reporting
for food franchise owners

Franchise Management System

Faster product release with a cost-effective on-time delivery

Industry: Food Services

Location: USA 

Client since: 2018

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  • Created end-to-end product roadmap and delivered a stable platform for their entire asset management. 
  • 40% Increase in productivity with the help of a Business intelligence system 
  • Increase in asset visibility and transparency 

Pitalite Franchise

Pitalite Franchise Management System is a custom-built software for Pitalite Shawarma Chain to manage multiple franchises efficiently. This software enables the Pitalite administrative team to manage their franchise operations, including inventory management, ordering, reporting, expense management, invoicing, and more, from a single centralized platform.


Reduction in food waste


Increase in monthly revenue


Reduction in out-of-stock items


One of the main challenges faced by Codepaper was developing a system that could handle large volumes of transactions across multiple locations while maintaining real-time synchronization of data. This required the team to design and optimize the software architecture, database schema, and data storage mechanisms to ensure scalability, reliability, and performance.

Another significant challenge was integrating with multiple third-party systems such as payment gateways, point-of-sale systems, and accounting software. This required the team to work closely with the pitalite franchise team to understand their workflows and business processes and to design and implement seamless integrations.


Codepaper developed a custom Pitalite Franchise Management System that leveraged the latest software development technologies and best practices. The system featured a scalable and robust architecture, secure integrations with third-party systems, and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.
To address these challenges, Codepaper developed a custom-built software solution, Pitalite Franchise Management System, which enabled the franchise to manage its operations efficiently from a single centralized platform. The following are the key features and solutions provided by the software:

  • Inventory Management
  • Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Expense Management
  • Invoicing
  • Integration


The result of the fruitful work of the team was the innovative Custom Software development that allows optimizing all the operations via real-time fleet management. The client got an easy-to-use mobile application that can be safely accessed from any device from everywhere all over the globe. Using this custom software and app, users can view the assignments, issues, service reminders, Contact details, Rental, Service and Recurring invoices, Inventory, Reports, and a set of additional useful tools.

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