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Revolutionizing the academic
mentorship experience

A Digital Marketplace Where High School Students Meet 1-On-1

Faster product release with a cost-effective on-time delivery

Industry: Education

Location: Canada

Client since: 2021

  • VUE.JS
  • AWS
  • Created end-to-end product roadmap and delivered a stable platform for their entire asset management. 
  • 40% Increase in productivity with the help of a Business intelligence system 
  • Increase in asset visibility and transparency 

Product Description

PeerOne Academy is a custom-built digital marketplace that connects high school students with current undergrads at colleges. It is a software solution developed by Codepaper that offers a variety of features, including video conferencing, scheduling tools, messaging capabilities, and document sharing.


Increase in student engagement


Accessibility and Flexibility for Users


Increase in User Engagement


Our customer came to us with an idea for a new approach to selling. He wanted to develop customized software where he could track vehicle location, maintenance, and billing section in a single platform and the main challenge was to solve the vehicle availability and utilization to maximize ROI. To reach this goal, our team needed to integrate the platform with the software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via specialized software.


The world is changing rapidly and all business goals and tasks are becoming smarter and more complicated every minute, so special software must be created to help solve and facilitate business processes. Instead of having different systems for different vehicles’ purposes. We designed and built a fleet management solution to help the company optimize its vehicle performance. The provided solution allows the company to see where each vehicle is when it will arrive, how much fuel is left, and many other parameters. It also makes the planning of vehicle arrangements and orders much easier.


PeerOne Academy, has helped bridge the gap between high school and college, providing a safe and efficient platform for students to connect with current undergrads at colleges. With its intuitive user interface and advanced features, PeerOne Academy has become a go-to platform for high school students looking to gain valuable insights from current college students.

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