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We are top-rated iPhone & Android app Development Company in Toronto. We are having the best mobile app developers team. We make beautiful full-stack app development for mobile, web, and desktop with strategy design-build & launch. Codepaper always maintain high-quality standards of our work and till to date enjoy the result which is cost-effective, obtained by using strong moral principles.

CODEPAPER App Development Company Toronto

App development helps a business to manage their task effortlessly. Along with which the app development companies in Toronto aid the businesses to gain more access to a various range of customer base. Due to this reason, most of the organizations use the app development to spread their product popularity among their client base. A website alone cannot help the whole business to work when mobiles and wireless devices are ruling the world now. No matter your business is small or big, you will always require a high-quality mobile application to continue the services.

The team at the app development company is agile with the development process. We have an experienced team of professionals who are well equipped and experienced with the software development industry. The officials have expertise in developing all types of applications. We have regular communication with the clients throughout the project keeping them a part of the app development process to ensure that the end-product satisfies the customer’s expectations as well. Additionally, we offer the best support and maintenance services after the product launch and delivery as well.

We maintain complete transparency with our clients. Moreover, we have a group of professionals who have expertise in different programming languages like  C++, Swift, .NET, JAVA, Python, and more. The apps help to create a direct marketing channel with the customers and the businesses. It helps to maintain direct communication. Our talented designers and developers have in-depth knowledge of their domains. Moreover, we also develop mobile apps in hybrid platforms to give a cross support platform. We deliver our works before the timeline, which makes us the most punctual app development company in Toronto.

Our professionals are available 24*7. Our services are cost-effective and innovative too. They are mannered at the same time and can win the hearts of the clients in no time. We follow a motto, of satisfying us before we satisfy our clients. Also, our quality control team is extremely stringent about 100%.


What CODEPAPER App Company offer?

We use the latest and sophisticated technologies along with innovative mobility methodologies. The app development company in Toronto offers several services to its customers. A few of which are listed below:


  • iPhone App Development – The app development company in Toronto provides its customers with the iPhone App Development service. They provide customized app development for iOS for meeting the clients business requirements. After thoroughly understanding the user interface, they start customizing the applications. Apps like a shopping cart or eCommerce, social networking, food delivery, entertainment, finance and finance, health, education, weather etc. are developed.
  • Android App Development – Codepaper build high-quality android apps after making sound strategic planning that helps you to get the maximum return. We develop android apps like game apps, internet, eCommerce, education, shopping, transportation, news and magazines, health, finance applications and many more.
  • Apple Watch App Development – Apple watch applications like GPS and LTE are trending nowadays. It not only does have applications for fitness and travel apps but also for music, streaming and payments.
  • IPad App Development- Along with iOS and Apple Watch, the professionals are well equipped with iPad Apps as well. As iPads are extremely demanding in the market today, they think iPads should be equipped with innovative apps. Our developers are expert in developing iPad application for your business to make them a great success. Moreover, they also nurture all types of business no matter how small or big they are.
  • Windows App Development – They also work on making user-friendly applications for Windows too. These are easily programmable in C++, C#, JavaScript and Visual Basics. The apps are developed in a way so that they can adapt to the UI of different screen sizes, resolution and DPI.
  • Swift App Development – They also work to make innovative and new applications for the iOS swift. The engineers are extremely knowledgeable with the swift app.
  • Ibeacon App Development – The new apple feature, Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) also known as the iBeacon extends to location services. It only gives the best solutions where Wi-Fi and GPS connections are available.
  • Hybrid App Development – Hybrid applications need to be very innovative.  These apps can work even if the device is not connected. They have an integration with the device’s system files as well as with the web-based services. The tools used for the process are Apache Cordova and Appcelerator Titanium. With the help of cross-app development services, you can expand your business by supporting the app with multiple platform mobile applications.
  • Xamarin App Development – Our professionals know C language as well as they can develop xamarin apps as well. It provides commercial software development tools that can be used in Android and iOS phones. It is built on the .NET framework. Moreover, it allows for creating apps that can easily run on multiple platforms.
  • Web App Development- We also help their clients by making web apps. It does not need to be downloaded through a network. It requires JavaScript and HTML and CSS to prepare the application for hassle-free use. The tools used for the app development are Bootstrap, jQuery and Ruby on Rails and js.
  • eCommerce App Development – Codepaper help their customers to transform your eCommerce store into a seamless and mobile-friendly along with user-friendly application to broaden the reach of your customers.
  • IoT App Development – The app development company in Toronto also explores new and exciting technology by creating high-end mobile apps that cohesively interact with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other wearables.
  • AR AI Integrated App Development – You can also upscale your business with two of the most promising technologies that are extremely new like the AR(Augmented Reality App Development) and AI(Artificial Intelligence). Our developers help to push the boundaries of technology with a highly intuitive and automated app. Codepaper can be used by the apps that use GPS on phones to know the current location. The AR phones also position the phone with an electronic compass to decide where it is pointing.
  • Native App Development – Along with all the other services, they offer their customers with the native app development service that helps to translate business services to highly iOS and Android applications with secure and smooth mobile apps.

A few of the other services we offer are as follows:

  • Innovative solutions keeping pace with the client’s satisfaction levels
  • Superior and unfailing turnaround
  • Apps have user-friendly features
  • Solutions keeping pace with your budget. There are different rates for different services.
  • Value-driven applications that are custom made for your pristine business requirements
  • Creative design as well as development phases
  • Functionality at its best
  • Enhanced efficiency in dealing with different diversifications of mobile app development
  • Next-generation compatibility as well as features
  • Unprecedented professionalism
  • Pristine enterprise app development features

The Work Plan – The Process

The company provides the app development in a five-step process which are as follows:

  1. Analysis of requirement – Before starting any work with the app development process, we prefer to know the clients and understand their requirements thoroughly. Based on their need, we propose the best and hassle-free solutions to their problems
  2. Research – After knowing the client’s preferences, then starts the research process. They research extensively on the market along with customer behavior to come up with a proper solution.
  3. Wireframing and Designing – In this step, we make the blueprint structure. Then, we start with the wireframing of each screen first. After the work is done thoroughly, they start designing the apps accordingly.
  4. Development – In this stage, we start the coding of the application followed by the layout of the main section. We take the feedback of the client and then start with the next step.
  5. Testing – We test the application several times in this stage so that they are made 100% bug-free. The engineers work extremely so that it turns out to be the best application. Then, we send them to the client and wait until we receive the final feedback from the clients. Then the application is ready to go live.
  6. Deployment – Finally, after all the other processes we deploy the application. It gets deployed to the client’s server and then they are living for all the users. But this does not end our work. After the app is deployed, we ensure to resolve all the complexities. If required, we update the features as well.

We change your application thought into a reality and improve your image notoriety. Applications are the simplest method to advance your items and administrations with your clients, and we offer our best answers for exhibiting your business in different stages productively. Our versatile applications are good with all stages, gadgets and screens to empower continuous portable application experience for end-clients.

If you are looking for the best app development company in Toronto, look out for them as they can give solutions exactly to your requirement in no time. You can reach the professionals any time of the day all the 365 days to get exact and best solutions for your problems at an affordable budget.

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