UX Design Vs Product Design : Similarities & Key Differences

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UX Design Vs Product Design : Similarities & Key Differences

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Product design and UX design are two separate functions that play a significant role in product development. While product designers focus on a product’s functionality and appearance, UX designers are accountable for designing a logical, user-friendly experience. Despite their differences, both roles are equally important in creating impactful and user-friendly products, and they collaborate closely to achieve a seamless integration of the two. Hiring a designer who can fulfill both roles can be a valuable asset to any product development team.


Product Design versus UX Design: Despite being frequently grouped together, they are separate functions that each contribute significantly to product development. Although both employ design thinking, they do so differently and with unique objectives.

Regardless, both are vital for the successful creation of new products. This article aims to clarify the distinctions and similarities between the two and show how they can aid in your design process.

Product Design versus UX Design: A Comparison

The work of a product designer begins from the initiation of the product development stage. Product designers are in charge of the product’s functionality and appearance, while UX designers are accountable for the physical or digital design of the product.

UX design’s goal is to create an enjoyable and visually appealing experience for the user, while product designers guarantee that the user experience is coherent and straightforward.

Both roles are equally important in the overall production process, and they closely collaborate on projects to bring their innovative ideas to life. Let’s delve deeper into product design vs UX design to understand their differences and how they complement each other.


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Role of User Experience Design

UX designers often have a background in visual arts. They are focused on the product itself and designing it in a logical manner that promotes usability. The user should be able to complete their tasks effortlessly while using the digital product.

UX designers are fully invested in the user’s experience, considering every aspect of it and striving to make it meet the user’s needs. This encompasses not just colors, styles, fonts, but also the user’s perception, emotions, and even philosophical concepts.

When it comes to user experience, it’s crucial to reflect on the emotions we aim to evoke in the user. Transitions play a significant role in this. For example, do we want to convey a fun and playful experience through bouncy transitions, or do we want to create a serious or trustworthy tone? To accomplish this, we need to think about how animations and movement can communicate these desired feelings.

UX designers utilize various resources to aid them in their work, including user interface design tools such as Figma, Miro, or Adobe. They may also utilize non-digital methods like user interviews, focus groups, and field testing to validate their assumptions and obtain feedback for further refinement.

Role of Product Design

While UX designers are concerned with details, product designers focus on the bigger picture and how different elements work together. They strive for balance between various aspects such as operating systems, device controls, and non-functional requirements. Their primary focus is on the business’s goals and how the product can achieve them.

Despite these differences, product designers are also concerned with UX as it is an integral part of the overall product vision. They collaborate closely with the UX team to ensure that the two are seamlessly integrated. For example, while both roles are concerned with the social and psychological aspects of the user’s experience, product designers are more focused on the overall feel of the product.

Product designers use a different set of tools compared to UX designers. Although tools like Miro and Figma can be utilized by both teams, product designers primarily work with computer-aided design (CAD) programs. These programs are preferred as they enable multi-perspective wireframes of the product and provide analytics to monitor performance metrics.

The interdependence of Product Design and UX Design is crucial for effective product development. While Product Designers bring a broad perspective to the table, focusing on the overall vision and continuity of experience, UX Designers delve into the technical and engineered aspects of the product. The balance between these two disciplines is key to creating impactful and user-friendly products.

Product Designers, as part of the UX team, must strike a balance between meeting deadlines and preserving valuable insights from research and experimentation. Their role requires a wealth of experience and knowledge of design theory and process.

UX Designers, on the other hand, must possess a meticulous attention to detail and a broad skill set, ranging from color theory to design thinking. The demand for specialized knowledge in a single aspect of design often adds to the challenges faced by UX Designers.



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 The collaboration between Product Designers and UX Designers is critical for successful product development. By combining creative exploration with problem-solving, they help drive innovation and create products that are both functional and enjoyable to use. Having a designer who can fulfill both roles can be a valuable asset to any product development team.

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