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Why Technical SEO is Important and How to Improve it

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw


Have you ever heard this quote said by George Bernard Shaw?


If yes, apply it to your SEO. Search Engine Optimization is never the steady foundation, its algorithms change frequently. Progress is impossible without change, adapt all the algorithm changes and change your SEO strategy to maintain website performance for better ranking and visibility in organic search results. SEO strategy cannot be permanent forever. If you are thinking you create amazing content, build good backlinks, and have a good user experience so Google will keep your site on top, but it’s not.

To get a good ranking you need to put a little extra effort into tweaking elements of your site to work best with search engines. SEO is everything that you do on your website for ranking and organic visibility. Traditional SEO has mainly focused on keywords, where modern SEO needs a code-level approach called “Technical SEO” to guarantee your site meets the performance expectations of both search engines and users. 

Technical SEO is an important aspect of overall SEO. This is backend website optimizations, i.e, we’re talking about problems of website structure, which concern technical SEO. The main elements of technical SEO are crawl, index, and render. Neglecting these SEO issues can lead to dropping ranking, negative engagement metrics, and crawling errors. It could even lead your website to disappear from search results pages altogether.

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What is Technical SEO?

So do you know what technical SEO refers to exactly? It is a practice that makes your website more proficient to crawl and index so Google can convey the right content from your site to clients at the right time. Factors that can affect your technical SEO include URL structure, site architecture, redirects, sitemap, Robot.txt, site errors, link building, and many more.

It is the part of on-page SEO that refers to the optimizations under your control within your pages. Focus on improving elements on your website to get a higher ranking. These necessities are continually changing and getting more perplexing to stay aware of the search engine, which is getting increasingly more modern every day. So we can say that the SEO is in a condition of constant refinement.


Technical SEO vs On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (Seo) is divided into three different parts: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. Let’s cover what each means. 


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is within your hands that needs technical skills to improve organic rankings. Few important elements include crawling, indexing, rendering, Page speed, and website structure.


On-page SEO

On page is the practice of optimizing pages of the website and tells search engines (and users) what your page is about. Common On-page SEO practice includes meta description, meta tag, alt text, keyword usage, title tag, internal links and URLs.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all the stuff you do off of your website to get traffic and ranking on Google and other search engines. Off-page activities include building backlinks, sharing on social media, and encouraging branded searches.


Why is it important?

There are a variety of things you can do that, altogether, can fundamentally improve your Technical SEO and put you in the competition. If you are wondering with this question, why do you want to focus on Technical SEO or why it is important? The answer is, it is important because Google and other search engines need to give their users the most ideal results for their question. Some factors depend on the user’s experience like the time of loading a page and other factors help search engine robots understand what your pages are about. If your website loads fast, has no dead links, and is secure, Google’s crawlers will give it an additional lift in search rankings.

So, by improving technical aspects you help search engines crawl and understand your site. If you do this well, you might be rewarded with higher rankings or even rich results. The reason behind this is clear. Making a solid technical foundation for your site will go far in satisfying your users. Web index crawlers pay heed and focus on your site over other people who offer slower and buggier experiences. 

Here are few reasons to optimize your website technically: 

  • It influences your ranking factor
  • Helps to decreases your bounce rate and increases your conversion rate. Lead generation and sales. 
  • It puts you a step forward in a competition that also uses SEO.
  • This maximize your ROI from SEO
  • This SEO impacts your site visitor’s actions 

Ways to Improve your Technical SEO

Previously we said Technical SEO includes crawling, indexing, but it’s not only about crawling and indexing. You need to consider the following points to improve your site’s technical optimization: 

  • Secure your website / Use HTTPS
  • Improve XML sitemaps
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Improve page speed
  • Optimize site architecture 
  • Use SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Add Structured Data
  • Avoid Duplicate Content
  • Fix all broken Links
  • Check  temporary 301 or 302 Redirects 
  • Fix all redirect chains and loops

Well, there are many more ways but these are few important elements of Technical SEO. 



Technical SEO is a never-ending topic. Investing time in this SEO is the key to successful SEO rankings and conversions. It can save a lot of money and help avoid issues that can affect other SEO practices later on. This SEO comprises various checks and settings you need to upgrade to help search engines crawl and index your site with no issues.

The word “technical” means you need to have some technical knowledge to do some tasks like optimizing site architecture, adding structured data, page speed optimization, etc yet it’s important to do it in any case your site will not arrive at its maximum potential. But it also requires service to your website from time to time e.g., Checks broken links, URL errors, page speed. Make technical SEO your buddy, if you want to achieve rank #1 on a search engine like Google. 

Ankita Keshan

Ankita Keshan

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